"A moment of awe is worth a lifetime of nuts"

Relaxing Constraints | Jessica Banks | TEDxTimesSquare

*Slides by designer and visionary, Connie Lui (We Are Owls). Thank you!

Dress-up Fridays @ RPR = ergonomic bracelets

How many tethers do you think are in a Float coffee table?

Selectism visited our studio on Monday and had these kind words to say about our Float table after witnessing the complex production process:

"As if creating beautiful a product isn’t enough, the amount of technical knowledge required to build pieces of this nature is unfathomable."

Thank you for appreciating the passion and attention to detail that goes into making this table!

Engineers at the Perceptual Robotics Laboratory in San Giuliano Terme, Italy, created a wearable robot that can lift 50 kilograms (110 pounds) with each of its arms!

Lickestra @ 12th and c. Tongues in fire! at Specials on C – Watch on Path.

For those of you who can’t have caffeine, this will definitely put a spring in your step! #DanceTheStressAway

INSPIRATION WEDNESDAY: Composing Music with a bicycle.

"Through music, I want to change the way that people perceive their surroundings and I hope this will inspire others to look at everyday objects with more curiosity and wonder." -Johnny Random